I don't know if to say that covid19 is a disaster to the nation or maybe I should call it a blessing; or I should rather call it a blessing in disguise. 

We all saw it coming, or maybe not all of us but we (Nigerians) saw it coming. At first, we thought it was endemic- we concluded that it is of Chinese origin and therefore it is a Chinese problem. 

We saw it cross to other countries of the world but yet we refused to act. We thought we are special or should I say untouchable; it cannot thrive in a hot region- so they said. 

We kept on with our business as usual, government embezzling and the citizens hustling. We were hoping that it won't get here until it got to our doorstep. 

We had the opportunity to restrain it from coming into our beloved nation, but we failed to act. Now it has come, we tremble, we fret, we suffer, we live in fear of the unknown. 

No one is safe, no one is exempted, no one is special, no one has immunity to it, no presidential pardon, no five-star treatment. 

Everything comes to a standstill, the ever-busy roads of Lagos became scanty, the markets are empty, churches and mosques are locked up, hotels and bars seemed like they never existed, schools went on indefinite impromptu holiday.

In the midst of this, we lost the chief of staff to the cold hands of death. In the midst of this, some well to do Nigerians made donations to support the crumbling economy. 

In the midst of this, foreign countries made donations. 

In the midst of this, Nigerians cry for the government to give palliatives. 

In the midst of this, Abacha loot was returned. In the midst of this, palliatives given were falsified; Nigerians received goodies in the news but are hungry in their homes. 

We have given palliatives to over 2 million households, so we heard. We will transfer #15000 to each Nigerian through BVN, so we heard. 

We are now giving out #20,000 cash to citizens, so we heard. It was so obvious that those at the helm of power are only triumphing on people's agony during this trying time as they have always been doing. And what do we Nigerians do in return? We complained in our various homes and small circles, we criticized and castigated the government under our roofs, we silently hope and wish things will get better but it has not and we never stopped hoping. 

We can't stop the effects of covid19 on the economy because we are not the only country involved, but does that give the government the right to starve the citizens to death all in the name of keeping them safe from the spread of the virus? Certainly not!

Nigerians have resigned to fate, they no longer believe in what the government can do, no doubt about that. 

The only thing they are hoping for at the moment is for the virus to vanish from the country, but when and how that will happen still remain a mystery.
God bless Nigeria

Written by GO247 BLOG Crew: Elijah A.

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