Family Fears For Safety Of Businessman Illegally Arrested By Police In Lagos

Tension is threatening to boil over in Ibeju Lekki following the excesses of men from FCID Abuja. In a sweeping wave of indiscriminate arrests last week, a popular business man and real estate mogul,  Mr Sunday Adebanwo was arrested without notification and held for days in a fundamental violation of police procedure and constitutional rights of victim. 

The arrest took place at Elemoro police division in the early hours of Thursday 12th May. 

The unsuspecting victim had driven to the station to greet a friend representing a law firm in a routine enquiry about clients of the firm in custody of the police. But in a strange twist. Members of the FCIID immediately linked Mr Adebanwo to the allegations of unknown offence linked to two members of the Nigerian Legion being held for alleged infraction in guard duties at a property owned by a client of the Law Firm.

Stanley gwazi Vincent. One of the two Legionnaires claimed they were arrested in the course of carrying out their activities in their official posting at a property close to the station.

The common speculation in the area indicates that members of the FCIID were working on the orders of a powerful land grabber in the area with interests in the disputed property. It was alleged that the Mr Adebanwo and members of the Legion got into trouble for Perceived association with a  property where the notorious land grabber has unsuccessfully tried to stake claims for years hence the resort to harassment with the aid of intimidating overtures using self help with boys wearing black and brandishing guns and later connivance with police Men from the FCIID Abuja. In a worrying state of affairs at the property located at Oreki, Ibeju-Lekki, one Mr Adeyi was taken from the site since the 15th of January 2022 and is yet to be found.

The families of Mr Adebanwo and the detained Legionnaires have called on the IG of police to ensure the safety of the detainees who have been whisked to Abuja against their wish. A case that is  ordinarily within the jurisdiction of Lagos State and can be handled here.

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