Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 May Have Another Fantastic Features

Samsung is working on adding another feature (Thermometer) to the upcoming Galaxy Watch 5 series, according to ETNews. 

This will be useful for detecting early signs of COVID-19 (and other diseases that cause fever) as well as tracking ovulation cycles.

It won’t be the first watch with a thermometer on board, but just equipping a watch with the sensor isn’t enough. The skin temperature of the wrist is strongly affected by external factors like sunlight, which makes getting an accurate reading tricky. This is why Samsung and other companies (like Apple) have held off from including the sensor.

The Korean publication reports that Samsung has cracked the problem, however. In fact, body temperature tracking may become something of a theme for Samsung’s wearables this year as the company is reportedly testing a prototype of Galaxy Buds that can also measure your temperature. The prototype uses an infrared sensor to track the temperature of your eardrum.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series will be unveiled in August, claims the publication, a year after the Watch 4 series launched (it introduced an electrocardiogram sensor as its big health tracking upgrade).

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