‘The Rate Men Are Asking Me Out Is Very Alarming’ - Bobrisky Brags

Crossdresser Bobrisky has bragged about how many Nigerian guys are chasing him.

According to him, about 96 percent of Nigerian man want him so badly but he believes his bills and ‘wahala’ is unbearable.

He added that some people don’t have the courage to approach him so they just adore him from afar.

He posted on Snapchat; I can beat my chest that 96% men in dis country want me so bad but them they fear my wahala. Some are scared of my bills, some can’t even have the got to tell me. They prefer to just watch here lowkey and admire me lowkey.

At dis point now i need to take it easy !!! D rate men re asking me out is alarming. As a matter of fact they don’t even care if we are in public or not.”

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