JCI Nigeria Raises Alarm Over State Of Mental Health In Lagos

A Lagos chapter of Junior Chambers International, Nigeria has declared concern over the mental health of Lagosians as a priority project for the year 2022.

In a special event to kick start the awareness campaign on Sunday 13th February,  the Lekki Royale Chapter of  JCI Nigeria treated  its members and the public to a series of activities that could help address this challenge amongst Lagosians. 

Speaking to participants at the event, the chapter President, Chinelo Anwunah challenged members and the public to embrace all necessary measures to half the effect of this malaise on personal productivity. 

She also noted  that mental wellness was at the core of total well-being of the individual.  

She cited various medical reports on the effects of Stress as the trigger for many ailments including mental disorder in Lagos. 

In view of this challenge, the event was titled  STRESS DETOX. Members were treated to hours of Salsa dance performances,  training sessions, Rumba music and other nerve soothing experiences by Whiteshark Entertainment. 

To spread the news across the state,  participants from other chapters took part in the special valentine show. 

The roll call of attendees included Asesiji Oyebolu, President, Lagos Metropolitan and Akinlabi Hassan, President JCI Lagos City. 

The event was held at the exclusive Buckingham Court off Chevron drive was supported by Platinum Crest and Kelkey Global Academy.

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