10 Common Mistakes People Made When Choosing Perfumes

PERFUME, a fragrant liquid typically made from essential oils extracted from flowers and spices, used to give a pleasant smell to one's body. Unless you are socially inept, Perfume are so important not only because they help fight body odor, but also boost morale, there is evidence that mistakes continue to be made, often due to total ignorance, when it comes to choosing, applying and keeping them.

  1. Wearing scents when selecting perfumes: When you’re choosing a perfume, it’s better not to wear any perfumed skin products like body lotion, body sprays, or even deodorants with a strong scent as they can interfere with the scent of the perfume and throw you off.
  2. Inhaling immediately after spraying: When trying on a new perfume, wait for about 30 seconds before inhaling, so that its alcohol content has time to evaporate.
  3. Testing only on blotter sheets: Your signature scent will be the result of a combination between the perfume and your body chemicals. So testing the perfume on a blotter sheet will not serve the purpose of making a final decision about which perfume you want to buy.
  4. Rub the aroma between the wrists: This is a mistake that should be avoided when testing perfumes on your wrist as well as when wearing them after purchase. Rubbing the wrists together will crush the scent. It will break the molecular bond between the top notes and make the scent weaker.
  5. Being prejudiced: Just because you might not like a certain note in one fragrance does not always mean you will dislike it in all perfumes. A perfume can have anywhere from 10-200 ingredients and the balance is very delicate in each fragrance. So don’t discount certain fragrance notes based on prejudiced ideas.
  6. Checking several perfumes: Limit yourself to six fragrances a trip at most. This will allow you to completely appreciate the complexity of each fragrance, and won’t overload your sense of smell.
  7. Thinking your friend’s perfume will work on you too: Body chemistry is the final ingredient in any fragrance the way a perfume smells on someone else, is different from how it will smell on you. So what might work wonders on your friend might be a fragrance disaster on you. So the only way to properly test a fragrance is to try it on your own body.

8. Shake the perfume before use:
The fragrances are formulated so that they do not need to be stirred and they do not separate into two phases. In this way, its formula breaks down and its components are changed.

9. Storing fragrance in the wrong way:
Extra sunlight tight, heat or cold upsets the delicate balance of the oils within your fragrance, changing its scent. Always keep your fragrances in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heaters.

10. Breathing in too many scents without taking a break: Testing more than two fragrances in other to differentiate is not recommended. Try inhaling a different scent in between spritzes, as it can engulf and neutralize scents. You can inhale some coffee beans to ‘reset’ your sense of smell, or, if you don’t have anything near, even your shirt would do. Another trick is to drink water between spritzes to clean the palette.

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