Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Has Reportedly Spent $2M In Campaign Cash Since Resigning And Still Has $16M Left

Former governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo still has a hefty $16 million in his campaign coffers, after spending $2m since leaving office, financial disclosures filed with the state Board of Elections have revealed.

Since resigning in August 2021 following a bombshell report detailing a pattern of sexual harassment, Cuomo has spent about $2 million on attorneys and a spokesman, the records show.

Despite his stepping down, donations have continued getting to him, albeit on a much smaller scale than the one-time prolific fundraiser is used to.

He has had up to 482 contributions over the past six months.

In total, he’s brought in $224,270 since July, most of which came before his resignation.

According to the filings revealed by the New York Times, the 64-year-old’s biggest expenses since stepping down in August has been his legal costs.

According to the filings, Cuomo has paid Glavin PLLC about $899,000.

Attorney Rita Glavin has been representing the ex-governor in a number of matters related to the harassment allegations against him and has held near-weekly press conferences defending Cuomo and assailing the work of investigators who probed his behavior.

Cuomo’s campaign also paid $800,000 to Sullivan & Cromwell, a law firm that represented him in the state attorney general’s investigation into the harassment claims made by nearly a dozen women.

Earlier this month, the only criminal charge Cuomo faced over the sexual harassment allegations was dismissed. With this, the former governor could seek reimbursement from the state to cover his legal fees since he was not convicted of a crime.

Cuomo also has a few former state employees on his payroll. Records show he’s paid about $42,000 to Bulldog Strategies, a communications firm run by one-time senior adviser Rich Azzopardi.

The biggest donations Cuomo received just weeks before he resigned came from the Wilpons, the owners of the Mets, who gave $80,000 to the embattled ex-governor.

Cuomo, who has denied any wrongdoing, might attempt another run at public office, but as at press time it's still unclear.


Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has reportedly spent $2 million in campaign cash since resigning and still has $16 million left

Gov. Hochul who took the reins from Cuomo in August, is now running for a full term in a bid to be the first woman elected governor of the State.


She has raked in $21.9 million in donations since becoming governor and has $21.3 million left.

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