''I Was Reporting Just Meters From The Collapsed Site Not Knowing You Were Under The Rubble'' - CNN Correspondent, Stephanie Busari, Mourns Her Friend Who Died In The Ikoyi Building Collapse

CNN correspondent, Stephanie Busari, has taken to her Instagram page to mourn her friend, Samuel Iwelu, who perished in the Ikoyi building collapse.

Sammy was in Nigeria for a wedding and was invited to see the massive construction that was ongoing. He went in there and never came out .



Stephanie while mourning him on her page, said she was at the scene of the collapse on Monday November 1, covering the tragic event and never knew her friend Sammy was in the rubble. Describing him as someone who was always smiling and laughing, she wrote;

''I have reported on many disasters in my career but I never, ever thought my latest report on the building collapse in Ikoyi would hit so close to home.

You learn to switch off from disaster reporting as a form of self care so you don’t break down. But this one will stay with me forever. 

I was reporting just metres from the collapsed site that fateful Monday night, not knowing you were under the rubble Sammy.

I was watching workers desperately trying to bring people out, not knowing you were trapped. I wish I could have helped you in some way in those final moments. I would have dug through the rubble and called out your name.

I am DEVASTATED Sammy that you had to endure this. You had the best heart, so loving, so giving. Who else would fly to from London to Lagos just to fill up your girl’s petrol tank. We laughed so hard about that one and teased you about being Mr Loverman.

You LOVED deeply and gave so freely of yourself. My brother who always looked out for me. “Egbon, what do you need?” “Egbon, I’m coming to pick you.” You were always there no matter what. You cherished your family and friends and nothing was too big or small to do for them, just like Big Mike @profile_meee. No wonder you two got on so well.

I can’t believe I am writing final words about you who was so full of life. Always smiling, laughing and full of tales and gist. The ultimate hustler who fought so many battles so bravely. I am so proud of you Sammy. I wish I told you more often. Your work ethic, your heart, your integrity, your courage. I was looking forward to all your milestones, dancing down the aisle as you finally found that true love your heart desired, celebrating all your wins. I know you are in a better place but it hurts so much to say goodbye so soon in your prime of life.

Just 34, you are gone too soon my darling aburo. I will love you forever. Sun re Samuel Iwelu, Sammy blessed, Man like Sammy.''


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