Woman Commits Suicide, Cites Harassment From Son In Suicide Note

A 55-year-old woman in Kakamega, Kenya took her own life and left a suicide note behind.

Elimina Khati Makongo is said to have hanged herself in her house claiming she was tired of her son’s constant harassment.

According to her suicide note, the deceased wrote that she was wearied of a constant beating from her son Nicholas Lingua whom she termed as a thorn in her body.

“She complained of being harassed by the boy who happens to be my grandson and efforts to resolve the matter bore no fruit but I never thought it would reach to this extent,” her aged mother Catherine Masitsa noted.

Her sediments were echoed by locals who claim to have seen the man assault her mother severally with their pleas to him to quit the habit falling on deaf ears.

“We tried to reprimand him but he could not heed our advice and now he is responsible for his mother’s death,” one of the residents stated.

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