Baby Makes History As First Human To Be Born With Three Penises

For the first time in medical history, a baby was in Iraq with three penises. 

Hailing from Duhok in the country, the three-month-old baby was brought to the hospital by his parents because he had swelling in the scrotum. 

When the doctors examined, it was ascertained that he had two more penises emerging. While one was coming out near the root of his primary penis, the other one is situated under the scrotum. 

The doctors called this a rare case because the child was not exposed to any drugs in the womb as well as there was a significant absence of genetic anomaly in his family history. 

Triphallia (three penises) is an unreported condition until now. It affects one in every 5-6 million live births. 

However, it was later seen that the additional p3nises did not have a urethra, hence they had to be surgically removed. 

This very case is considered to be the first-ever case of Triphallia as it was documented. 

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