Nigerian Basketball Player Hopes To Become NBA's Tallest Player


A 7ft 9in Nigerian basketballer is hoping to catch the attention of the NBA after Shaquille O'Neal shared viral footage of him on the court.

At his towering height, Abiodun Adegoke can dunk with both feet still on the ground, and if signed, would become the league's tallest ever player.

The viral video shows the centre, 18, dunking the ball with ease at a youth development camp in Dubai. 

Despite his height, Adegoke moves with agility, making short work of the diminutive defence. The clip was shared by legendary four-time NBA champion O'Neal, who also played centre.

O'Neal was known for using his 7ft 1in frame to devastating effect on the court.

Adegoke stands seven inches taller than any NBA player in history. Adegoke is currently training with the MPAC Sports UAE system as he makes plans for his future. 

He has so far been overlooked by American scouts, perhaps due to controversy surrounding his age. 

Nigerian media reports from 2016 gave the player's age as 17. At the time he was a student of a sports academy in Lagos.

Adegoke insists he is 18.  


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