‘Bring Evidence, I’ll Pay You N100m’ — Says Reno Omokri As He Denies Threatening Mum Of Deeper Life Schoolboy

Former aide of ex-President, Reno Omokri, says he never threatened Deborah Okezie, the mother of the Deeper Life High School (DLHS) student who was allegedly molested.

Omokri took to his Twitter handle on Thursday to put out a video where he denied some claims made against him.

“This morning, I woke up and saw a video by Don Davis’ mother alleging that I had threatened her and asked her to apologise to Deeper Life in a newspaper advert. I have never done anything like that. It’s not true,” the author said.

“I never had any contact with Don Davis’ mother. I’m not even a member of Deeper Life. Why would I do that?

“Three weeks ago when she accused pastor Kumuyi of going after her life, asking Nigerians to hold him responsible if anything happened to her, I did come out in defense of Kumuyi.

“Although I’m not a member of his church, Pastor Kumuyi is someone who has had an influence on my life since I was a child. And I’m now almost 50. I knew that Pastor Kumuyi would not do that.

Omokri also vowed that he would pay Okezie the sum of N100 million — which she had earlier denied demanding from the DLHS in her lawsuit — if she is able to provide any evidence that he had contacted her to issue threats over the case as alleged.

“I felt I should defend him and I did. I simply said I didn’t believe her claims and that was 3 weeks ago,” he added.

“Now this woman is making claims about me, saying that I’m now threatening her life and asking her to apologise in newspapers. #JusticeForDonDavis was begun by Yul Edochie. I called him and we had a very long conversation.

“This woman is suing Deeper Life for N100 million. I told Yul that N100m is no problem for me. I will transfer that money through Yul today if she can provide any shred of evidence that I threatened or contacted her in any way.

“Nothing like that happened. If it did, then there must be an email or a call. Let her provide the evidence and N100 million will be paid to her today.”

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