COVID-19: Highest-paid US Sex Worker Sues State Government Over Lockdown

The highest-paid sex worker in the United States has started a legal action after being unable to work since March because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Alice Little, who works at the Moonlite BunnyRanch in Mound House, Nevada, says her job is "psychologist, relationship coach, and sexpert all rolled into one”.

According to Irish Central she can earn up to $1million annually and is the highest-paid s.e.x worker in the entire US.

But despite the state of Nevada having legal brothels, they have remained closed since March 17 despite the reopening of other “close contact” business, including spas, salons and massage parlours – meaning Alice hasn't been able to work.

She has now filed a complaint and motion for a preliminary injunction against Nevada’s Government with regards to the “arbitrary” decision that has left legal sex workers “financially devastated”.

On November 19, the court ordered the office of the Nevada attorney general to respond to Little’s legal action within 30 days.

In a press release, Alice wrote: "It would be understandable if the governor kept all close-contact businesses closed.

"But the fact that massage parlours, aestheticians, salons, escort services and other non-essential businesses have been allowed to reopen lead me to believe that the governor’s decision to keep brothels closed is just blatant discrimination against Nevada’s legal sex workers.

“I just can’t let the governor arbitrarily decimate the livelihoods of an entire class of hard-working women. That’s why I decided to take legal action.”

To support herself through lockdown, Alice has set up an OnlyFans account.

She told Yahoo: “That’s the primary way, but I’m also doing affiliate marketing and meets with guests for digital intimate encounters — everything from a friendly walk in the park with our dogs to more of a frisky, intimate encounter.”

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