Ivanka Trump Raises $4.5M In A Single Day For Her Father's Campaign To Beat Obama's Record

President Donald Trump first daughter, Ivanka Trump has reportedly broken Barack Obama's fundraising record on the way to raising $35million for her father.

According to reports, Ivanka raised $13million during three fundraising events in California and one in Detroit during the final week of October, leading into Election Day.

Since October 25, the 39-year-old has been the star of 11 events, several of which have been fundraisers.

The events were just some of the 32 events she's hosted since August. So far, she has raised about $35million in campaign contributions.

Ivanka was able to beat Obama's single-day fundraising record of $3.8million, which he set in 2014, during an event in Austin in September, during which she raised $4.5million.

'Our donors were thrilled to hear directly from Ivanka Trump about the policies her father has delivered on and his vision for the next four years,' Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said.

The Trump campaign has been using Ivanka to target suburban female supporters who have found themselves drifting away from President Trump in the years since they initially voted for him. 

Ivana's fundraising work has been a big help for the Trump campaign, which has fallen behind what Democratic nominee Joe Biden has been able to raise since he started campaigning. 

Federal Election Commission filings showed that Biden ended September with $177.3million cash in his campaign chest, while President Trump had only $63.1million

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