Cambridge University Set To Isolate Over 200 Students As 18 Tests Positive For COVID-19

Over 200 freshers at Cambridge University have been told to isolate for at least 14 days after 18 people contracted the novel coronavirus in the campus. 

Homerton College said students in West House must isolate as 18 positive cases were identified across 11 households.  

The decision to quarantine the 233 students was based on advice from Public Health England and information from the University's screening programme.

In a statement posted on their website, the College said:' Following advice from Public Health England and local public health authorities, the Collegiate University's Incident Management Team has asked 223 students resident in West House, Homerton College to self-isolate from 9.30pm on Friday 16 October following 18 positive cases.

'Those who are not already in self-isolation must isolate for 14 days and anyone who was already isolating must finish their 14 day period. All other areas of the University and Homerton College remain open.

'This step has been taken based on information from the University's rigorous testing programme, designed to detect outbreaks of infection early and allow the Collegiate University to respond rapidly.

'In consultation with local public health authorities, the University and the College have taken this preventative step to reduce the chance of transmission within the wider College, the University and the city.

'The students in affected households are self-isolating, and the College has brought in additional staff over the weekend to support them. Advice on medical issues and support for mental health and wellbeing is being made available.'

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