Suspected Killer Of Gokada Founder, Fahim Saleh Caught On Video Buying Electric Saw - Police


New York Police detectives has confirmed that there is overwhelming video evidence already gathered to prove that Fahim Saleh, the Gokada CEO was killed by his ex-personal assistant, Tyrese Devon Haspil.

According to the New York Post, one of the video evidence was one that showed Haspil buying electric saw and cleaning supplies at a Home Depot. The items which was found at the scene of the crime last Tuesday.

Manhattan assistant district attorney Linda Ford said at the arraignment of Haspil early Saturday morning, that there is enough evidence to prove that Haspil murdered and chopped up his boss.

At the arraignment held just after midnight, Haspil, 21, Saleh’s executive assistant, was ordered held without bail on charges of second-degree murder for the gruesome crime on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Apart from being seen buying an electric saw, the clothing Haspil was seen wearing on surveillance footage at the Home Depot matched garments found in Haspil’s Brooklyn home.

Investigators have also been able to digitally track Haspil to and from the crime scene, Ford added.

“The evidence, in this case, is overwhelming,” Ford said during Haspil’s remote arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court.

“He is on video surveillance before and after the crime. He has been identified by at least two individuals from the videotape.”

A masked Haspil allegedly followed Saleh into his apartment elevator Monday around 1:45 p.m., Tasing him as soon as the elevator opened onto Saleh’s seventh-floor property.

Saleh then fell to the floor, and Haspil allegedly fatally stabbed him multiple times in the torso and neck, Ford said.

Haspil then left the apartment with Saleh’s body inside.

The next day, he allegedly visited Home Depot to buy the saw and other supplies he is believed to have used to cut off Saleh’s limbs.

Sources told The Post Haspil was allegedly in the process of chopping up Saleh’s body and stashing it in construction bags when Saleh’s cousin rang the apartment buzzer, prompting him to flee down the stairs.

Prosecutors at the arraignment did not elaborate on why they believe Haspil left the scene on Tuesday.

Ford confirmed Haspil had stolen more than $90,000 from Saleh, who in 2018 founded Gokada, a Nigerian motorcycle ride-sharing company, and an investment firm, Adventure Capital.

When the CEO discovered the embezzlement of his funds, instead of going to the police, he and Saleh agreed on a payment plan to repay the money, Ford said in court.

Judge Jonathan Svetkey ordered Haspil to be held without bail. His next court appearance is scheduled for Aug. 17.

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