RAPE: A Social Menace

Rape is a serious issue in today's overtly sexualized society.
No man has a right to sexually assault a woman based on her behavior or mode of dressing. Rapists select their victims based on vulnerability and accessibility of the victim.

Studies show that rapists do not select victims based on their appearance, and attractiveness of the victim is never an issue to the rapist.

Most times you wonder how people allow the pleasure of few minutes to overcloud their sense of reasoning and of humanity.

How the desire to fulfill their sexual urge can bring out the beast in them.

Most people claim that the sweetest thing in life is sex; this may not appeal to everyone based on individual judgement, but the fact remains that sex is only enjoyable when it is mutual. Not when forced or gagged, certainly not when victimized !

The incessant cases of rape in Nigeria is alarming ! UNICEF reported that 1 in 4 girls in Nigeria has been raped ! Survey showed that 70% of them has been raped on more than one occasion ! But only less than 5% has sought for help ! And less than 4% has gotten any service in their favour ! Most rape victims keep it to themselves out of fear of being stigmatized !

Ochanya Ogbanje was continually raped by both father and son of the Ogbuja family she was living with from the age of 8 until she became very sick and died of the complications on October 17, 2019 at the age 13 !

Uwavera Omozuwa was raped and murdered in cold blood in a church by unknown people ! A 22 year old microbiology student of the university of Benin !

Jennifer, an 18 year old girl was gang raped in Kaduna by a group of 5 boys who were reported to be her friends !

A female student of the Institute of Agricultural Research And Training IAR&T in Ibadan, Oyo state, Barakat Bello was allegedly stabbed to death on Monday, June 1 2020 by armed robbers after she resisted their attempt to rape her !

Are females endangered species ? Why must they be victimised ? Why must they continue to live in fear of being a victim? Most people even blame the victim for being responsible for their own misfortune ! What a world !

Some people say real men don't rape, but who are the real men ? Fathers rape daughters ! Brothers rape sisters ? Guardians rape their wards ! Bosses rape their employees ! Religious leaders are not left out !

It may be just a few minutes of action to the perpetrators but it's a lifetime memory of agony to the victim. That is even if the victim is spared after the illicit act !

This menacing act must stop ! Everyone should join hands to put an end to this. You may not be a rapist and may have never been a victim of rape, but you never can tell who might be the next victim !

It might be a friend, a sister, a daughter, a niece, a wife or even YOU! No one is safe any longer ! All that is needed for evil to strive is for good people to do nothing.


Written by GO247 BLOG Crew: Elijah A.

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  1. Rapists are very sick animal, they need to be castrated whenever they are caught

  2. Nice one 👌 G2B... Are guys are trying, Ur article was spot on