'He's a danger to the community'-- Judge Denies R.Kelly's Third Request To Get Out Of Jail Over COVID-19 Fears

The embattled RnB singer R.Kelly's was left disappointed as the judge denied his request to leave jail due to the possibility of him contracting coronavirus, the judge labelled Kelly a 'danger to the community' and a 'flight risk'.

This made it the third time R.Kelly's requested to leave jail on 'health conditions' and is being dismissed by the court as he is being held in prison over child sex abuse allegations, transmission of STDS and kidnapping. 

In his motion for bail, which was filed earlier this month, Kelly complained that he was diabetic and overweight and therefore more susceptible to Coronavirus complications, and complained that conditions in his prison had become filthy, and it was only a matter of time before he caught the virus.

His two previous attempts to leave jail have been dismissed as the court felt his 'Health' reasons were not strong enough to grant him bail.

Judge Donnelly, while dismissing Kelly's application, said Kelly’s crimes involve the sexual abuse of minors that stretched for almost 25 years, and allegations like those do not merit bail. The judge disclosed that although Kelly, whose real name is 
Robert Sylvester Kelly has insisted that if set free, he’d return to Illinois to stand trial like he did in his 2008 child porn trial, the grand jury found probable cause that he bribed witnesses in that case, and she doesn’t want a repeat of that alleged behavior.

''The defendant is charged in Illinois and New York with extraordinarily serious crimes, for which he faces a long prison term if convicted,” Judge Donnelly wrote in her decision

“That prospect makes him a flight risk. The nature of the charges—which include crimes against minor victims, threats against potential witnesses and paying bribes to keep witnesses from cooperating—make him a danger to the community, including that he could attempt to tamper with prospective witnesses.”

The 53-year-old trial starts later this year.

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  1. How mighty are falling! Never thought somebody like R.Kelly could be in this type of mess.