Article: CYNTHIA MORGAN VS JUDE OKOYE
We have seen musicians fallen out of favour of their record label and we have seen artistes who come into limelight only to vanish within moments. Is this the case with Cynthia Morgan, the once Queen of Nigeria reggae dancehall who has gone into oblivion for some years now?

The German juice singer undoubtedly was on the lips of Nigerian reggae lover until her disappearance from the music scene. What could have happened ? No one has the right answer to the question except the Queen herself and her boss (Jude Okoye).


The Edo born singer resurfaced with a new name 'Madrina' and dug deep into the past ordeal with her former record label head Jude Okoye- a brother to Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye (formerly known as P square). She related her past experience with the Northside records stating that Jude Okoye didn't promote her but only using her to enrich himself. Worse still, she claimed that she was denied her freedom ! 

Freedom is inherent in a man, no one jokes with it ! It cannot be bought nor sold ! Not even in this 21st century ! It was supposed to be a contract not a servitude ! A path to stardom not a show of shame ! A win-win agreement, not a one-sided success !

Could these allegations of hers be true ?

Do you remember how P-Square split 3 years ago ?

Mr P (Peter Okoye) of the defunct P Square also said that his decision to leave the group then was not born out of love of money but because of freedom! 

Though Jude Okoye has denied these claims but can both testimonies of Mr P and Cynthia Morgan be false ? Is this truly how the record label treats its Artistes ? Or is this the order of the day in Nigerian music record labels ?

                   Article: CYNTHIA MORGAN VS JUDE OKOYE

Remember that Oladips said almost the same thing when he left Reminisce' record label. All these are bones of contention but the good news is that Cynthia Morgan is on her way back to the music industry!

'Upfront With Sandra' is the ushering movement to bring Cynthia Morgan back. She stated on her Instagram page that she has set up a GoFundMe account to help finance the singer’s return to the industry

Written by GO247 BLOG Crew: Elijah A.

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